Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Make REAL Money, like me! - Make REAL money for your school, business, or public affair with our No Cost Comedy Hypnosis Show. We supply everything you need for a professional show, and even help to promote and market the event. Our only cost is a percentage of the tickets. Please click the link for more information. This is the best deal on the net with little or no work on your part. No more selling baked items, washing cars, or trying to sell magazines. Just supply the venue, give us a date, and help sell tickets. Make thousands with no out of the pocket costs, and entertain your guests.

After the show we give positive suggestions to feel better and have greater self esteem. In a school setting, we also add improved study skills. Contact us today, this is honestly the best fundraiser you can ever have. Make the MOST money you can, entertain and educate your guests. Call us for more information, do it today!
+Mike Hap

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