Sunday, February 1, 2015

Learn how to hypnotize, become a certified hypnotist. Check out our newest video We offer NGH certified hypnosis training, that is up to date with the new state laws. Check out what we have to offer. We include a lot of extras, including workbooks, cd's,dvd's, and a business and website session. Help yourself, others, and make the money you truly deserve today!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Become A Hypnotist, learn how to hypnotize

Become a hypnotist, learn how to hypnotize. We offer NGH certified hypnosis class in Florida. We also have classes available in your local area. We make learning hypnosis fun, and exciting. NGH certified instructor Mike Valmar will guide you every step of the way, and give you the confidence to hypnotize anyone. This is a full A-Z course with all the workbooks, DVD's and CD's included. This is a real certified course, and we will even cover the business end of being a hypnotist with you.

You will leave this course with the self esteem and confidence to open your own practice and/or do your own comedy hypnosis act. Stop by our site for more information, and feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions. We always strive for the best in customer care.

Mike Valmar

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Make REAL Money, like me! - Make REAL money for your school, business, or public affair with our No Cost Comedy Hypnosis Show. We supply everything you need for a professional show, and even help to promote and market the event. Our only cost is a percentage of the tickets. Please click the link for more information. This is the best deal on the net with little or no work on your part. No more selling baked items, washing cars, or trying to sell magazines. Just supply the venue, give us a date, and help sell tickets. Make thousands with no out of the pocket costs, and entertain your guests.

After the show we give positive suggestions to feel better and have greater self esteem. In a school setting, we also add improved study skills. Contact us today, this is honestly the best fundraiser you can ever have. Make the MOST money you can, entertain and educate your guests. Call us for more information, do it today!
+Mike Hap

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Smart Phone APP

This is really awesome. My special thanks to Rob Mac for setting this up for me. Log on with your Smart Phone, and check out this app. It is loaded with features, and is very user friendly 

Just scan the pic below with your smart phone, and you will be all set up. if you do not have a qr reader, get one here for free. QR Reader

New Store Items

We are in the process of adding new items to our online store. My new favorite item is our Tremors download and/or CD. I use to suffer with tremors myself, and it is wonderful not to be embarrassed by my shaking any longer. I can now work, and even drink hot coffee with both hands. If you know anyone with tremors, this is a MUST have. Believe me, it is great to have my life back, and being able to help others with this issue is my main reason for starting this CD series. Make the change you want to make, make the change you CAN make. No more pills, no more doctors, no more shaking, no more dropping or spilling anything. This is amazing, do it now, do it today!

Our store has been updated again with new items. Our best seller is our Study Skills CD and instant download. If you or your family are taking any type of test or school, this is a must have. This program will have you study more, retain what you study, and will  give positive suggestions to study better, and even enjoy it Here is our new online store link. Stop by and take a look today!

Book Us Now

Book one of our DJ, KJ, or Comedy Hypnosis Shows now! If you are a looking for a fun way to make REAL money, contact us for information on our No Cost fundraiser program.  Season Specials are now in affect, so make sure you have your event booked to avoid the risk of not having that date

If you are not in the Central Florida area, we do travel nationwide with our shows and no cost fundraisers. If you would like a self improvement session, we also offer online sessions with Skype or Yahoo.